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Former VillainsEdit

There are only tree former villains

1.Jenniffer used to be a leader of an evil tribe in mirror world and had a crush on mirror Cole.Mr.Moo brought her to life and her sisters came with her to take over the real world, so when she met Cole,she instantly fell in love.

2.Carol was abused by Jenniffer along with Melanie,she had a crush on mirror Brendan.But when she came to the real world she fell in love with Sam due to his wet hair that made him look like Brendan,and fell in love with Sam instead of Brendan.

3.Melanie was the youngest of the trio and had a crush on Brendan,so when she was brought to life she fell in love with Brendan when Carol fell in love with Sam.


all of the former villains are female.Edit

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