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The villains in the comic book Cole are Mr.Moo,Jackson,Robontian and THE MIRROR BROS.

1.Mr.Moo`s full name is Manny,J.Moo He is also father of the three "lover girls" Jenniffer,Carol,and Melanie.

2.Jackson`s full name is Jackson,P.Cornelious.His Brother`s name is Robontian named after his great grandfather Robantan,J.Cornelious.

3.Robontian`s full name is Robantan,M.Cornelious,while Robontian is his codename.

4THE MIRROR BROS.The Mirror Brothers were a failed experiment by Mr.Moo`s Grandfather named Grandfather.They`er original purpose was to be the opposite of whoever looked in it.

In the Final chapter "Cole`s Last Stand" they all joined forces to beat him,And(SPOILERS) they prevailed.

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